August 28, 2007

Artist Highlight: Sara Wheeler

Finally, after four years of searching around, I finally got my hands on a copy of Sara Wheeler's 2002 release, Summer. She played at my college when I was a freshman, and I fell in love with her music from the start, and picked up her earlier release, Moonlight Dancers at the concert, thinking that if I liked it, I'd be able to get the rest of her music, no problem. Except that I couldn't find the music on, and not having a credit card, I wasn't able to really buy things online easily. So when I found that the fantastic CD Baby carried her music, I ordered a copy and it was delivered yesterday.

Wheeler's out of the Boston area and has a fantastic voice with the acoustic guitar. Moonlight Dancers is a fantastic album, and Summer, while not quite as good, is still a joy to listen to. I had a couple of songs, Dreaming and Naked, before, but now, those really good songs are joined by Heaven and Freedom. Her sound's a little different, with some songs exhibiting a new sound, but the basis is the same fantastic songs.
What's also fansastic, as I just found a couple moments ago, iTunes has finally started carrying her music, with both Moonlight Dancers and Summer listed. Unfortunently, they don't carry her latest album, Soleil, and I don't know where to get it, although you can download one of the songs here.

Through The Cracks - Sara Wheeler

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