August 29, 2007

New Music: Under The Blacklight

Rilo Kiley's newest album Under The Blacklight has been getting quite a bit of attention from the music blog and media world. As I was driving home last night, NPR's All Things Considered ran a feature on the new album, along with a couple of the songs.

I'm not all that familiar with Kiley's music outside of a song or two - Several of her songs were featured on the show Veronica Mars, where I heard them, and I've enjoyed listening to the ones that I do have.

This album is a cool one to listen to. It's got influences from the indie, pop and alternative world, and to me, it seems a little standoffish and independant from other pop albums out there. As the commentator for NPR noted, any song that has mention of a mother athiest who doesn't care if her daughter is out all night is bound to clash with some audiences, which, in my opinion, is a good thing. Music should challenge people.
Jenny Lewis, lead vocals, really does a great job on this album, really bridging genres at times with this album. I'm hooked.

Dreamworld - Rilo Kiley

Close Call - Rilo Kiley