September 17, 2007

Album Preview: Drastic Fantastic

One of the best albums of last year was K.T. Tunstall's Eye to the Telescope, which had several really, really good singles, such as Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, Suddenly I See, and Other Side of the World, but several others as well - Another Place to Fall, Under the Weather, Silent Sea, and pretty much the rest of the album, a solid, rocking album.

Now, KT Tunstall is back with a followup album, entitled Drastic Fantastic. The first single released was Hold On, which picks up KT's fantastic energy and style right off and doesn't let go. Other tracks, such as Little Favours stay true to familiar ground with her style, while keeping a little distance, keeping this album from a total copy of her debut. She slows down for a couple songs, such as White Bird, Paper Aeroplane and Beauty of Uncertainty, but for the most part, this album is a bit faster than the last one, with Hopeless, I Don't Want You Now and Funny Man maintaining a steady, consistant beat throughout.

I haven't seen a list of tour dates yet, but I'm more than sure that she'll be out in full force across the US. I'm still kicking myself for missing out on a concert here at the Higher Ground, and the publicity thing that she did on Church Street (she went out and did some busking - free of charge. Unfortunently, it was on the day that I started a new job. Blah). Tunstall actually spent some time here in Vermont, apparently getting her start with public performance on Church Street.

Little Favours - KT Tunstall