September 28, 2007

Artist Comparison: Seven Nations and Great Big Sea

This week's comparison is between two Amercan Artists whom I have really enjoyed for their Irish flavor. While neither are from the country, they have a good sound, mixed with a good dose of rock. The two groups are Great Big Sea and Seven Nations. In both instances, both bands cover numerous traditional songs in their albums. Great Big Sea covers Mary Mac, Rant and Roar and The Night that Patty Murphy Died, while Seven Nations covers Blarney Pilgrim and The Surprise Ceilidh Band Set (which has some elements that I recognize). In addition, both bands use insturments such as bagpipes and and accordians to get a proper 'Irish' sound. They supliment this with regular guitars and bass, which gives their music a rich, very cool sound.
What really caught my ears was two songs that were similar thematically between the two - Chemical Worker's Song and the Factory Song, both of which essentially talk about labor - a theme that I've heard much in the little Irish music that I've listened to, as well as the American-Irish folk that I've been partial to.

The Factory Song - Seven Nations