September 13, 2007

New and Old Dave Matthews

I'm a big DMB fan, have been ever since I'd gotten their first album frmo my aunt when she moved, and had some CDs that she wanted to get rid of. Since then, I've followed them, to varying degrees of fanatasism throughout high school and college. Currently, I'm awaiting for his next album (due out in the next year or so), and was very excited for the new (extremely weird) music video a couple weeks ago.

Just for comparison purposes, here's Eh Hee, his latest single, and the original demo of Granny, which was originally intended for Under The Table and Dreaming, but was cut. It's now played at a couple concerts every now and then, while Eh Hee made it's debut in a couple of concerts and seems to have evolved a little over the past year.
Eh Hee is a huge change from Matthew's typical songs - but then again, they've never really been afraid of changing around their sound, thinking back to Everyday and Stand Up. Eh Hee is heavily edited, with Dave playing every part of the song, and has a very different sound from just about everything out there. Granny, (which was supposed to be the first single off the album) on the other hand, features some very classic DMB guitar work and lyrics, and is a good song from the Under the Table days. It's a real pity this one didn't make it onto the album.

Eh Hee - Dave Matthews
Granny (Demo) - Dave Matthews Band