October 10, 2007

Autumn in Vermont

It's fall in Vermont now, and that means a couple of things. 1 - it gets chillier, 2 - The leaves turn nice colors. 3 - Leaves draw tourists by the droves to come up and gawk, which is never a fun thing because they drive really slowly on the back roads - always frustrating when you're in a hurry somewhere. Still, it's a pleasant change from everything in Vermont, and one of the nicest times of the year. It typically means lots of yard work, and some time in the woods, which is always a nice thing. My family makes apple cider (we've already made 19 gallons of it, and we have about that much in apples left) from the trees that we have in our fields.
Two songs for the season:

Is This The Fall? - Carbon Leaf
Autumn - Paolo Nutini