October 8, 2007

Concert 3 - A Fine Frenzy and Brandi Carlile

A Fine Frenzy

1 - Come On, Come Out
2 - You Picked Me
3 - Last of Days
4 - Minnow and the Trout
5 - Ashes & Wine
6 - Borrowed Time
7 - Almost Lover
8 - Rangers

A Fine Frenzy started off the evening at the Higher Ground to a sold out venue with people asking for extra tickets on the way in. I'd been looking forwards to this show, because I really like AFF's music. A lot of her songs have really been relatable for me, especially Ashes & Wine. Combined with her musical talents, I've really liked her.
Right off the bat, I knew that this was going to be a fantastic concert. From the first song, she started off strong, with a fantastic sound and voice. With only a couple pianos and drum set, they set up a fantastic beat that really worked without the guitar and bass parts that most bands typically have.
The set that she played was a little short, but still with all of the songs that I really liked. What was also nice was that it wasn't a complete copy of her album, as she varied a little with her sound.
I was also impressed with Alison Sudol's stage presence. She seemed genuinely nice and appreciative of the audience before her, and really seemed to have a good time on stage, and was the perfect setup for Brandi Carlile.
Brandi Carlile
1 - My Song
2 - Wasted
3 - Late Morning Lullaby
4 - Fall Apart Again
5 - Follow
6 - Until I Die
7 - Have You Ever
8 - Happy
9 - Cannonball
10 - Again Today
11 - What Can I Say?
12 - Turpentine
13 - Madman Across the Water (Elton John Cover)
14 - Bohemian Rhapsody (First Half)
15 - Lovesong (New Song)
16 - The Story
17 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (With A Fine Frenzy)
18 - Folsom Prison Blues
19 - Pride & Joy
20 - Calling All Angels (With Sister Tiffany)
21 - That Year (New Song)
22 - Hallelujah

Brandi Carlile is one of those artists that has taken me a little while to really enjoy. Her performance last night pushed me over the edge to complete fandom for her music, and I'm eagerly awaiting her return to Vermont. Like A Fine Frenzy, they launched right into their set with a fast guitar riff before getting into their music.
I was really impressed with her music - she sounded amazing on stage, comparible to the Grace Potter concert that I saw earlier this year, as far as presentation went, and I think that the two of them together would be a fanastic lineup. Brandi's voice is unique and just amazing to listen to recorded, but it's something else when it comes to the stage. Like A Fine Frenzy, she seemed genuinely pleased with the crowd (who absolutely loved her) and she looked like she was having a lot of fun (she actually cracked up at the end of one song when she realised that the rest of her band members had grown out moustaches). She also interacted with the crowd quite a bit.

Her set of music just rocked, with a nice blend of new and old music, fast and slow and even threw in a couple of covers of Elton John and Johnny Cash (Which I really want to get my hands on.) Carlile has a fanastic voice for her music, with a nice blend of rock and country influences in her music. To top of the night, she and A Fine Frenzy shared a duet, which was just incredible to watch (something else I want to get my hands on.)She also got her sister up on stage for a duet as well.
All in all, the best concert of the weekend.

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