October 23, 2007

Cover & Original - Soundtrack Edition

I'm doing a bonus Cover and Original this week, because two cover versions of Bob Dylan's song All Along The Watchtower are being released in soundtracks, and both are somewhat different takes from the original version.

The first is Bear McCreary's version, performed by BT4, on the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack, which is in stores today. This is a very different take on the song, with a science fiction/Galactica feel to it, which was really cool to here, and the screenwriters took the time to really incorperate the song into the finale of last season.

Two Riders Approaching

The second versions is from the soundtrack from the upcoming Dylan film, I'm Not There, performed by Eddie Vedder and The Million Dollar Bashers. This is a fun take on the song, although I really like the Galactica version better.

And of course, there's the fantastic original version.

All Along The Watchtower - Bear McCreary
All Along The Watchtower - Eddie Vedder and the Million Dollar Bashers