October 1, 2007

New Radiohead

I'm not really a big Radiohead fan. Actually, I don't know that I've really listened to a lot of their music. But, news has been spreading like wildfire about their next album, which was announced today to be released in... ten days. That's a really short period of time.

This was posted on Sterogum, via their promotionalists:

There will be no advances, promotional copies, digital streams, media sites, etc of RADIOHEAD'S In Rainbows.
Everyone in the world will be getting the music at the same time: Oct. 10. That includes us. We don't have anything to play anyone in the nine days until the record is available. Everyone at nasty has put his or her order in and just to clarify: you are not being asked to pay for a promo (as some have inquired). you can pay nothing or as much or as little as you want.
There will be no promotional copies of the discbox either, as each discbox is being made to order. Sorry.

And from their official page:

Hello everyone.
Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days;
We've called it In Rainbows.
Love from us all.

Interesting. I wonder if it's to combat piracy. I guess we'll see.