October 5, 2007

New West Indian Girl - To Die In LA

I just got a cool track from Cornerstone, a new song by West Indian Girl. These are a couple of guys that I've started listening to most and more recently - mainly on the basis of their fantastic song, Who Are You Afraid Of?

WIG draws a bit of it's sound from the west coast, where they're from (LA), some of the psychedelic and pop sounds out there to make a nice fusion of alternative/electronic rock.

Now, West Indian Girl is releasing a new album, called 4th and Wall, on October 23rd via Milan Records. Here's the track listing:

1. To Die in LA
2. Blue Wave
3. Sofia
4. All My Friends
5. Indian Ocean
6. Up the Coast
7. Solar Eyes
8. Lost Children
9. Back to You
10. Rise From the Dead
11. Get Up

Blue Wave is the first single, and is already out on iTunes. Meanwhile, I have the album's opening track for you.

To Die In LA - West Indian Girl