October 11, 2007

Norah Jones With....

Norah Jones is one of my favorite singers out there, and I've found that she's popped up in some interesting places musically, working with other artists and bands. Here's a couple of places where I've found her collaborating:

Virginia Moon - Foo Fighters

One of the lighter tracks from the Foo Fighters album In Your Honor, Norah Jones is featured prominantly with lead singer David Gohl in the track Virginia Moon, which plays well with Jone's songs, with a slight Jazz feel. It's an interesting duet that plays to both singer's strengths.

Tenessee Stud - The Little Willies (iTunes Link)

Before Norah Jones released her first album, Come Away With Me, she was part of another band, one that grew out of mutual interests from the other members of the band, the Little Willies. Based out of New York City, they emulated some of the country greats, such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Jones strays from a Jazz/Blues track to a more bluegrass and country one, which is an interesting mix.

Colors - Amos Lee

One of the best songs off of Amos Lee's self-titled debut album, Colors is one of two songs that features Norah Jones, the other being Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight, playing Piano for both songs. Amos Lee actually owes his success to Jones, who had heard his EP and promptly asked him to join her on tour. It's not terribly surprising, as their music sounds very similar, with the same bluesy and Jazz feel.