November 8, 2007

New Artist: Jesca Hoop

Every now and then, you come across an artist that really makes this hobby worthwhile. Since I've started music blogging, I've come across a number of very good artists, and even more since I started tracking numerous weblogs via blogrolls and things. This morning, I came across Jesca Hoop, via NPR's music podcast and promptly went and got some more of her music to listen to.

Hoop is an absolute marvel to listen to, extremely rich in sound and influences, ranging from what sounds to be hip-hop, folk, blues, rock and probably more that I just haven't uncovered yet. Her sense of music is nothing short of incredible. There's an extremely unique sound to her voice and pacing, and her sound is like almost nothing that I've ever really heard, although if you're a fan of Regina Spektor or Kate Nash, I'd say that she's a good one to look into.
Hoop first gained attention when radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, California played an early demo of her song Seeds of Wonder. The song quickly became one of the station's most requested songs ever. Her first record, Kismet, was just released, after the demo was passed on my singer Tom Waits, whom Hoop worked for as a nanny.
Her album is varied with sound. There's influences here from the hip-hop spectrum, from pop, rock, folk, and the California music scene. It's this richness and talent that I think will really set her apart now that Kismet has been released. Hopefully, she'll have a bright future in music. She's got a fantastic start.

Seed of Wonder - Jesca Hoop