November 8, 2007

New Carbon Leaf Album Coming 2008!

I'm a huge fan of Carbon Leaf, and you can probably imagine my absolute joy when I got word from the band that they're due to release their 6th album next year. And even more so when I read this:

Of course, the bigger names with the deeper pockets will still utilize the crew's expertise -- D'Angelo called a couple of weeks ago wanting to record a track, and a double Carbon Leaf record should be under way in early 2008.

Full Article Here.

A double album? Absolutely fantastic! I already can't wait. And, I can't wait to see them later next month when they come out on tour to Vermont. Here's where they'll be:
12.10 Boston, MA
12.11 Burlington, VT
12.12 Philadelphia, PA
12.13 Washington, DC
12.14 New York, NY
12.28 - 12.30 Annapolis,MD
If you haven't seen these guys, do yourself a favor and check them out, pronto.

This Is My Song - Carbon Leaf