November 19, 2007

New John Mayer - Say (What You Need To Say)

John Mayer is one of those artists that I go back and forth with. I was a big fan of his first effort, Room for Squares, which I still really enjoy listening to. Heavier Things was likewise a fun record, but not as good, and Continuum was a better and frankly more artistic effort on his part. He's not a favorite artist of mine, but he is highly listenable. Now, he's got a new single, one not attached to any of his records, Say, which is part of the soundtrack for the movie The Bucket List, which looks quite interesting. This new song is a bit repetitive, but it sounds a little different from Mayer's other works, a whole lot more mature than his earlier work, and it doesn't sound nearly at preachy as something like Daughters or Waiting on the World To Change.

Say - John Mayer