December 19, 2007

New Artist - the Adam Ezra Group

Here's a new group that I came across last week when they opened for Carbon Leaf at the Higher Ground in South Burlington Vermont: The Adam Ezra Group.
The group came together about five or so years ago, and is made up of Adam Ezra, Abbie Barrett, Dan Berglund, Josh Gold, Jeff 'Turtle' Goulart and Justin Panariello. In the time since they've started, they've released several albums and EPs - Crawl EP (2005), Chain (2005), Tumble Down Slow (2003), Sessions (2000), and Adam Ezra (2000).
These guys have a pretty good sound, somewhere along the lines of Dispatch and Blues Traveler, but they do have a good original streak there. When I saw them, they had a fairly good sound, but given their fairly new status as a band, they still have a little work to do with their sound, which I did hear when I saw them - these guys have a lot of potential, and I suspect that we'll hear more from them in the future as they refine their work a bit more.

Small Town City - Adam Ezra Group
On The Crawl - Adam Ezra Group

(More tracks are avaliable through their website, here)