December 17, 2007

New Artist - Meika Pauley

Here's an artist that I came across earlier today while looking up some upcoming concerts at the Higher Ground in South Burlington. In February, Gregory Douglass (I'll be writing about him sometime this week), will be playing and Meika Pauley is opening for him. I typically look up the opening acts where I can, and when I came across her myspace, I was pleasantly surprised at her sound.

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Operating out of Cambridge Mass, Mieka has been around for a couple of years. In 2005, she took the top prize at the first Starbucks/NEMO Emerging Artists competition. Her first album, which the following cuts are from, was released last month. In setting up for this album, fans footed the bill, through a website called, where they could pre-order the album. She raised $16,000, and the latest album is out.

Her vocals remind me a little of K.T. Tunstall, with a good drive and rhythm, with plenty of energy behind her. Her songwriting seems to be pretty good too.

Be Like the Man - Meika Pauley
9:45 - Meika Pauley