December 10, 2007

New Artist - Skye Edwards

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This is an artist that I've come across fairly recently, although her debut album was released last year, called Mind How You Go. Skye (which is the first letters of her name - Shirley Klarisse Yonavive Edwards), is out of England and used to be the lead singer of a band called Morcheeba - it seems that she left due to problems with other members of the band.

Her first album, Mind How You Go, was released in 2006 do limited success, and the first single was used in Grey's Anatomy, which is sure to help her popularity. She's got an upcoming album coming in 2008, and is rumored to have a version of her fantastic Gorillaz cover Feel Good Inc. on it.

I like this artist - Skye has a wonderful, strong voice. Her songs range with a nice blend of hip-hop, lounge and easy listening. Anyone who's a fan of Zero 7 would probably really like her work. (Come to think of it, that would be an absolutely fantastic lineup, for the group to add her to the list.) Here's a couple of her songs that I paticularly like:

Stop Complaining - Skye
Love Show - Skye
What's Wrong With Me - Sky