January 30, 2008

Around the World - Belgium

The next stop brings us to the next letter - B. Starting us off with the Bs is the country of Belgium, located in Europe and bordered by France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Due to it's location, the country has been involved in a number of conflicts, from the Eighty-Years War to the two World Wars. Most notably, it was the location of the Battle of the Bulge during the Second World War.
Musically, the country has a lot of surrounding influences, and the band that's been selected for this country is dEUS, an Indie Rock band that's located out of Antwerp. Founded in 1989, the group has undergone some changes over the past decade, bringing in a number of sounds, ranging from rock, pop, electronic and a couple others. Since 1994, they've released four albums, the latest released in 2005, although they were on a break from 2000 to 2004. They are expected to release their next album this year.

Bad Timing - dEUS