January 15, 2008

Around the World in 80 Bands - Azerbaijan

The next country down the list for Around the World in 80 bands is the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is located between Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Currently, parts of the country are under occupation by Armania after the Nagorno-Karabakh War that occurred in 1994. There's quite a bit of facinating history with the region, which can be found here.

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The artist for this country is Alim Gasimov, who's considered one of the foremost and popular singers in the country, with nine albums under his belt, performing under the Mugham style. Their popularity has brought them touring in Europe and North America. He got his start at the age of 14, when he entered a music contest, only to be laughed off stage. Despite that, he continued with his music. In 1999, he won the prestigious UNESCO Music Prize, one of the highest international awards for music.

Iraq Täsnifi - Alim Gasimov

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