February 5, 2008

Album Review - It's Time For A Love Revolution

Rocker Lenny Kravitz releases his 8th studio album today, It's Time for A Love Revolution, his first in three years. For his work, he produces a solid, although somewhat forgettable album. This is an album that came completely under my radar, but delivers a fairly good listen over the 14 tracks.
Kravitz is just as I remember him from the earlier songs that I remember from High School, a somewhat comforting sound. The guitarwork is heavy and has a good beat to it. As the title suggests, this album has several love songs on it, which makes me think this should have been released a week later, closer to Valentine's Day, but it works well overall, charting a relationship over the course of the track list, from first to last song.
Overall, this is a solid album that doesn't really let down, but looking back over the track listing after giving it a couple of listens, there aren't any songs that wholly stand out from the pack - rather, they're all decent listens.

Back in Vietnam - Lenny Kravitz