February 1, 2008



LOST returned last night - something that I've been really waiting for for something like 8 months, ever since the last season finale back in May. A long, worthwhile wait. LOST has had a bit of a mixed record, mainly with Season 2, but I thought that Season 3 redeemed it nicely. Now, back to the weekly grind of waiting to see what happens next. I'm a little annoyed that they have only 8 episodes filmed here. It's a good run, but I'd like my proper season back!
LOST is also one of the few shows with an absolutely perfect taste in music. They don't really go for the hugely popular songs of the moment, but really have a nicely varied mix of songs. Here's a couple from it:

Main Title - J.J. Abrams
You All Everybody - Driveshaft
Downtown - Petula Clark
Wonderwall - Oasis (Charlie Covers the song in Season 3)
Wash Away - Joe Purdy