February 21, 2008

New Artist: Bon Iver

One artist that I've recently come across is Bon Iver. I'm not entirely sure how to classify his music - it's stunning, beautiful, and minimal, somewhere between Folk, acoustic and alternative.
Bon Iver (which means Good Winter in French) came about when Justin Vernon, a member of a prior musical group, DeYarmond Edison
. After some alone time, he seems to have come up with this extraordinary album, For Emma, Forever Ago.
What's interesting is that this album was recorded at home, really minimally, because it has a very sleek yet rich sound to it. The guitar work blends with the vocals to form a really calm, quiet and relaxed album.

He also did a concert that was aired on NPR. You can listen to the whole thing here: Concert

Flume - Bon Iver
Lump Sum - Bon Iver