February 18, 2008

Tina Dico: Count To Ten

Zero 7 is a fantastic group effort. While at the core, it's just two guys, they tend to pull in a number of extremely talented musicians who have since gone on and are in the middle of a really good solo act. Two of them, Sia and Jose Gonzalez, have both released new records lately, to favorable reviews all around.

Another artist who's worked with Zero 7 is about to release her latest solo album - Tina Dico, who was featured on Zero 7's album When It Falls, on the song Home. The album is entitled Count To Ten, and was released earlier over in Europe, but it will be making it's US debut on April 8th.

Dico is a talented singer. Right from the beginning of this album, she leads with a strong voice and with an overall strong sound. Unlike Sia, a professional counterpart, Dico doesn't have the same pop-energy. Their voices sound somewhat similar, but they have their different approaches to music, which is apparent here. Dico has more of an indie-alternative / singer-songwriter sound to her playing, with a lot of energy, with goes up and down as needed. This album in particular, is perfect for easy listening on a relaxing afternoon, as I'm finding here at home, while reading.

Sacre Coeur - Tina Dico
On The Run - Tina Dico