March 19, 2008

Five Years

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It's been a whole five years since the US invaded Iraq in 2003. I remember that morning very clearly - we watched the news as the US moved into the country very successfully. Operationally, things went really well, and then everything went to hell.
Too often, this war has split the country into two sides, for and against. Both sides have valid points. We've eliminated one of the world's worst person, who's responsible for killing thousands and starting border wars which have dragged larger powers in. We've brought a form of democracy to the country. However, it's not all that functional. Large portions of Baghdad are still without power and running water, there's constant violence in the streets and the US has spent nearly 3 trillion dollars on a war that doesn't seem to be in our best interests.
I've taken several classes on international relations and nation-building, and while the war is a financial disaster for the US, it might not be terribly wise to bring everyone out starting 2009 as promised by the Democratic party candidates if they win the general election. Nor do I think it's wise to keep our people there for decades. What we need to do is help eliminate the corruption in their parliament, restore basic utilities and infrastructure, give people jobs to do.
Hopefully, we won't have people looking at this day in five years as the ten year mark while still there.

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