March 6, 2008

New Artist: Myra Flynn & Spark!

I'm always on the lookout for new and upcoming Vermont artists. I present: Myra Flynn. Myra's a fellow Norwich University Graduate, and who's been playing gigs locally.
When it comes to soul music, I'm somewhat out of the loop - there's not a whole lot of singers that really interest me with this genre, but I have to say that Myra's really left an impression.
She has an incredible voice - she reminds me a lot of Dianna Reeves (who sang on the wonderful Goodnight and Good Luck soundtrack)
Myra recently auditioned for American Idol for a press assignment, and was rejected (which is probably a good thing - I absolutely can't stand that show.)
One thing is for sure - Myra's going to make a splash here in Vermont, and hopefully a bit further out in the States.

Didn't Cha' Know? - Myra Flynn and Spark!
War - Myra Flynn and Spark!
No Rock n' Roll - Myra Flynn