April 15, 2008

Album Review: A Buzz, A Buzz

This band, Bombadil, can be summed up in one word - quirky. Their first release, A Buzz, A Buzz, is a really unique and facinating one, somewhere along the lines of the Decemberists, the Softlights and Ferraby Lionheart, but even a little more out there.
They cover a lot of ground here, with some songs about history, romance, and a couple others, and is probably best described as a sort of folk-indie. Of all the bands that I've heard this year, none have been this rich in sound. It's a complex, interesting and diverse sound. Trip Out West, Get To Get It On, Buzz A Buzz, all have an interesting folk-ballad sound, while Julian Of Norwich, Rossetta Stone and Cavaliers Han Hur all have a really unique sound and feel to them that I really can't think of a parallel to.

The songs have a bit of an innocence and carefree nature to them. This is partially between the lyrics and the surrounding instrumental work. A couple have a indie movie feel to them, such as the sweet, Smile When You Kiss. Rosetta Stone and Julian of Norwich appeal to the history geek in me, with some interesting history content.

Overall, I think this is one of my favorite albums of the year thus far, for it's uniqueness, interesting lyrics and cool sound.

Julian of Norwich - Bombadil
Smile When You Kiss
- Bombadil