April 29, 2008

Cover and Original: Down the Line

This was one of the better songs off of José González's sophomore album, In Our Nature, and was one of the singles released alongside Smalltown Boy. It combines a good beat, nicely supported by González's vocals and excellent guitar work that sets this song apart from his earlier works.
What's interesting is that there's two bands that have separately covered this song. The Gutter Twins have their own rendition of the song, which adds in drums, piano and guitar work to this song, giving it a pretty different sound. That part's okay, but the vocal work here falls flat from the first lines.
The Twilight Singers also do a version of the song, also adding in a fast drum and piano part, but this time around, the song is turned from an fast acoustic sounding song into something that's more along the lines of a rock song, and it works here pretty well.
Neither cover comes close to González
's work, but the Twilight Singer's version does do a good job with it.

Down The Line (José González) - The Gutter Twins
Down The Line (José González) - The Twilight Singers
Down The Line - José González