April 30, 2008

New Artist : The Fairline Parkway

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This artist just came across my desk the other day, The Fairline Parkway, who are about to release their second album. The group is made up of Zachary Okun and Raj Gadhia, who met up while during a summer away from college and began recording in 2002. They were joined by Ben Licciardi and Krista & Elmer Sharp, and the result is this album, entitled A Memory of Open Spaces, which is being released by Kora Records. The group recently performed at South by Southwest, and they've started to take off.

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These guys have a nice, laid back sound that's perfect for the coming of summer. I love their relaxed sound and easy going manner of this song. From the songs that I have listened to, there is a nice blend of vocals and a great drum section here. They've got a really good and rich mix of sound here. Hopefully, I'll be just as impressed with the rest of the album. Hopefully, these guys will be ones to really keep an eye on.

Westward Bound - The Fairline Parkway