May 2, 2008

The Best of April

This month's had a bunch of really good new songs and releases. There was a lot of really good stuff this month:

View from the Root [Album]
The Adam Ezra Group has rapidly become a favorite of mine, ever since I saw them last December with Carbon Leaf, and again when they returned a week later. They've recently come out with their latest album, and it's a step up for them - they've really refined and strengthened their sound and have produced a really good record. Flyin' is a nice, laid back song that just feels right, and Katie is another fantastic song from them with a great beat and rhythms. My review is coming soon.

Thirty One Today
- Aimee Mann
This song feels and sounds great, but it's depressing as hell. The guitar, keys, bass and vocals all work wonderfully today with a nice, seductive sound that's really propelled it to the top of my playlist.

Julian of Norwich - Bombadil
A Buzz, A Buzz
- Bombadil
I covered these guys recently with a review of their debut album, A Buzz, A Buzz. They've got a really neat, unique sound with some fantastic songwriting that's really set them apart from a lot of other groups that I've listened to. Julian of Norwich and the title track, A Buzz, A Buzz are two of the best on the album.

Violet Hill - Coldplay
Coldplay's first single off of their upcoming album. It's pretty different from some of their earlier works. I like this sound, and I'll be interested to see what the next album brings.

I Will Possess Your Heart
- Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie's back with a new album and a wholly new sound. I have yet to hear the rest of the record at this time, but so far, I really dig it. I Will Possess Your Heart, I think will become one of their better songs, despite the drama from the fanboys on this one. Bands do change their sound. Relax, you will live to see another day.

Westward Bound
- The Fairline Parkway
Nowhere to Be
- The Fairline Parkway
These guys are new, and made a splash at the South by Southwest festival. My review of this album is forthcoming, but here are two of my favorite tracks from this album.

Let It Go
- Jon Regen
The Last Song
- Jon Regen
Regen is a new artist to me, and I love his Soul/Jazz sound that really resembles Marc Cohn's
Walking In Memphis. This whole album is tight, full of emotion and really sounds fantastic.

Memory One
- Lili Haydn
- Lili Haydn
Lili Haydn's also a new artist to me, although this is her third album. She has a nice, easy going style that's really set apart with the piano and violin.

John Adams Theme
- Robert Lane
My new favorite show - I'm in love with history, and it's fantastic to see a television show get something to the public that's actually good. John Adams is a wonderful show about the founding of the US, and this theme song is just amazing.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar - That Mitchell and Webb Look
This show just makes me laugh. This is actually a theme song for a reoccurring sketch within the show, but it's so slapstick, it's just hilarious.

- The Weepies
I haven't listened to these guys extensively, but I'm adding them to my 'to listen' list because I'm really liking their laid back sound here. These songs are light, with a fantastic sound and some interesting lyrics.