May 22, 2008

Duet - Josh Ritter & Kathleen Edwards

There's something to be said for a really simple, calm song. The duet here is between two of my favorite alt-country/folk-rock singers, Josh Ritter and Kathleen Edwards. Both of these guys are really similar, and I've never really looked at them together at all. Both have their hard folk sound with their faster songs, but also have their softer side, as seen with this song.

Wanna go get high?
Mercury is parked outside
Wanna take me to
The parking lot of the old high school

And it's like you said
I would've turned up dead in the car

This is a fantastic duet between the two - Josh is mainly on supporting vocals here, but he has a nice presence here, and Kathleen has her own fantastic sound here.

Mercury (Kathleen Edwards) - Josh Ritter & Kathleen Edwards

And, a song that I couldn't resist putting up:

Kathleen - Josh Ritter