May 13, 2008

Live on Mars

ABC announced today that they green lit an American version of the UK show Life on Mars. The show has become one of my favorites, and while I'm nervous that the new version won't hold up to the original, I'm interested to see what direction they take this show, and if it will take off here in the US. Increasingly, SciFi shows are canceled due to lower ratings, and it's entirely possible that while this can be a great show, it could also be off the air regardless of quality.
The show, which follows detective Sam Tyler, takes place in 1973, when Tyler, a modern day police officer in Manchester, finds himself stuck in after an accident. The show is one of the best that I've ever seen. A follow up show, Ashes to Ashes is almost as good. Not quite, but still interesting to watch.
Life on Mars comes from the title of the David Bowie song, which is pretty neat. And Blunt's 1973 video actually looks and feels a lot like the world Sam finds himself in. Check the show out if you haven't. It's brilliant, and has a killer soundtrack.

Life on Mars - David Bowie
1973 - James Blunt