May 20, 2008

New Amos Lee!

Wow, where did this come from? A while ago, I was looking around for information on Amos Lee, to see if he was back on tour or working on a new album, and nada. Nothing anywhere. Then, this morning, I came across a single, Listen, on iTunes and another song, and discovered that not only is he back on tour, but Lee's 3rd album will be released on June 24th (Day before my birthday!)!. I'm excited, and promptly downloaded Listen.
The album, titled Last Days at the Lodge, seems to already break from his typical sound from his self title debut and Supply and Demand. It's a little faster, more intense, electric. I like it, and I am already counting down the days until this release.
Here's the track list:

1- "Listen"
2- "Won't Let Me Go"
3- "Baby I Want You"
4- "Truth"
5- "What's Been Going On"
6- "Street Corner Preacher"
7- "It Started To Rain"
8- "Kid"
9- "Jails & Bombs"
10- "Ease Back"
11- "Better Days"

Ease Back - Amos Lee