May 2, 2008

Weekend Mix: Nerdcore

Something I came across recently that's really facinating - Nerdcore. Take a bunch of geeks, and turn them into rappers. It's a new genre that's come about essentially with the rise of the internet. Songs have content relating to Star Wars, The Matrix, Futurama, Conventions, computer games, the internet, science, technology and things along those lines. It's an interesting bunch of songs. There's a documentary coming out, called Nerdcore Rising, which charts the rise of this genre. It's opening here in Vermont this weekend.
Particularly good timing for a geek entry, because tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, where you can go to any comic book store and get a couple free comics (generally a special that Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc will release). You might see some costumed characters along the way. I'll be at Quarterstaff Games/Earth Prime Comics in Burlington VT.

Fett's Vett - mc chris
Nrrd Grrrl - mc chris
Nerdcore Hiphop - MC Frontalot
Yellow Lasers - MC Frontalot
It Is Pitch Dark - MC Frontalot
The Big Bizang - MC Hawking
Entropy - MC Hawking
iGeneration - MC Lars
Space Game - MC Lars
White and Nerdy - Weird Al