June 6, 2008

New Artist: The Indiaman Traitor

One of my friends from High School, Julian Rumney DeFelice (a neighbor actually) has been working over the past couple of years on various music projects. His latest is his most interesting thus far, the Indiaman Traitor. He's recently finished recording what seems to be an upcoming album, 5 Stories, which is free through his myspace account, listed below under Look.

The Indiaman Traitor has an interesting sound, somewhere between Radiohead and Bon Iver, with some compelling lyrics. There's a rich collaboration of guitar, trumpet, drums and some creative editing here. The music is all over the place, making it a really interesting listen.

I'm really digging Julian's sound - it's different, interesting, experimental, all that. A nice change of pace.

The Baleful - The Indiaman Traitor
The Lost Souls in Our Time - The Indiaman Traitor
The Eyes of the Hideaway - The Indiaman Traitor

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