July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

This is easily my most anticipated film of the year - The Dark Knight. There's been way too much hype and media coverage, especially after the death of star Heath Ledger earlier this year. From all appearances, advance reviews and talk from friends, this movie is going to be simply amazing. I'm hoping to see it tonight or tomorrow, hopefully in IMAX, if I can find tickets.

One thing that I found really cool is that my state's senator, Sen. Patrick Leahy, a huge Batman fan and ironically, the head of the Judiciary committee, has a short cameo in the film. I'm looking forwards to seeing that.

What people have made a lot of is how dark this movie is, and I think it goes to show that comic books, while seen as a really childish thing, really aren't. Graphic novels are dark, and this film is supposed to highlight that.

Having just watched part of Batman and Robin, and the original 1966 film, I'm happy to see some serious and dark storytelling, rather than campy silliness. In the meantime, rewatching Batman Begins and reading The Dark Knight Returns is a good idea as well.

I'm sure the Joker would ask:

Why so serious?

I'm Not A Hero - Hans Zimmer
Agent of Chaos - Hans Zimmer
Batman (1966) - TV Theme