July 10, 2008

Garmin Napoleon

This commercial has been amusing me ever since I first saw it. It's quirky and interesting, with a fun song to go along with it. With a little bit of searching, I was able to find that the song was a jingle that was written for the song, which surprised me.


Here are the translated lyrics from their website:

Under the sun, it's perfect, with my friends we drive, on the highway to paradise - alright - let's go in my car - the life before us is a beautiful sight, oh baby, here we go, let's go to paradise - alright - Garmin-Garmin-Garmin!"
I don't hold anything against songs that go up on commercials - recently, it seems, there's a lot of fantastic music getting a lot of really good exposure that way. Even jingles like this - pretty fun to listen to.

Napoleon Song - Garmin

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