August 29, 2008

Demon - New Music from We'll Write

The Post-apocalyptic, quasi-folk indie-folk duo We'll Write have added another installment to their serial album Songs for the End of the World, this one titled Demon. I've written about these guys before, and it's always a pleasure to hear some fun songs that fall squarely within the geek realm. This is the third song to be released from these guys after Bleached Bone Fields and Measure of a Man.

In addition to Demon, they have released two additional b-sides, Self-Made Man (about a Robot) and Old Moon Face. To get them, sign up for their fan section.

These guys sing and play acoustically, with some fantastic tongue-in-cheek lyrics (and go around with signs that say Apocalypse Now [Or Very Soon]). I look forward to their next song about robots, demons, specters or space pirates, or whatever they've got up their sleeves next.

Demon - We'll Write