August 25, 2008

The Future Is Nothing New: New Alternate Routes!

There's so many bands out there that I really like, it's pretty hard to keep track of them. While I generally despise myspace, it's brilliant for finding what artists are up to, blog updates, new music, etc. Such is what happened today with The Alternate Routes. I discovered that they're not only releasing new material, they did so back in July, with The Watershed EP. On it, there's several songs that they've been playing in concert, such as Shelly and Louisiana. There's a couple newer ones that I hadn't heard before yet, but from my first listens, they're absolutely fantastic. I'm looking forwards to their next record already.

Their last album, Good and Reckless and True was a favorite of mine last year, for their easygoing style, and fantastic live shows that I attended. Last fall, they said they were doing some new tracks, and it looks like we've got part of their efforts here. Hopefully, they'll be back up in Vermont again, because I'll certainly be making that show. You should too, if they come near you.

Live Tracks: (Live at Gathering of the Vibes; Seaside Park, August 2nd, 2008)

Louisiana - The Alternate Routes

The Future Is Nothing New - The Alternate Routes

Asked You Twice - The Alternate Routes

The Watershed EP:
Love Me For Nothing - The Alternate Routes