August 14, 2008

A Long Time Ago...

People really got excited for a new Star Wars movie. Lines around the block - it was an unprecedented event. Now, while there is still quite a bit of excitement for the upcoming Clone Wars movie, set to be released tomorrow, it's not quite the same.
I'm not expecting something overly spectacular or deep, nothing that is likely to affect me in quite the same way that seeing the films for the first time did, but I'm expecting to have a fun time. Yes, George Lucas has become fodder for every complaint against the newer films, and while they're not nearly up to par as the old ones, they certainly don't detract from my experience with the saga. From the trailers, and from reviews from my fellow storm troopers, the film is a fun one, and people are enjoying it. I for one, will be in armor opening night, which I'm quite excited for. Should be a fun time. Keep an eye out at your local theater, because the 501st will be out in force.

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