August 22, 2008

New Artist - Jentri Colello

Jentri Colello came through my e-mail box last night, and I was intrigued from the first couple of notes. Hailing from Madison Wisconsin, she's the lead singer of a four-person group that has a great, laid-back indie-rock sound.

While the information that I received compares her to Neil Young, Spoon and the National, I think she has more in common with the likes of Rilo Kiley, without as much edge.

Birds of Prey is the first single from the group's first release, an EP by the same title that was released in July. There's a great balance here between the vocals and guitar here, with a wonderful beat that really brings this song to life. Giving several of the other songs on their myspace page a listen, it's clear that this is a common thread. The guitarwork here really sounds fantastic.

Birds of Prey - Jentri Colello