August 18, 2008

New Artist - Lucy Schwartz

It's always wonderful to hear young talent. This morning, I just came across Lucy Schwartz, an 18 year old who released her first album in 20007, Winter in June. It's a promising album, with a very good sound to it. There's some jazz and rock influences here, and based on this, she has a good looking future coming up.

Fans of Tristan Prettyman, Priscilla Ahn and Sara Bareilles will really like Lucy. She has some lingering similarities with Norah Jones as well. She has a very similar, yet distinct sound, one that competes with the two of them, with a light, airy sound that has a good spark to it. Apparently, she's the winner of several major competitions, and her music has been featured on a couple of TV shows and in an upcoming film, The Women.

Her one drawback here is that she sounds a little too much like Sara Bareilles
- At times, I thought that the two could be one and the same, but I do have to wonder - we have so many good female singer-songwriters out there, how many more with a similar sound before it gets old? For the time being, however, she's doing a good job here.

Paper Planes - Lucy Schwartz
High Above - Lucy Schwartz