September 18, 2008

New Artist & Review: Crossing the Bridge EP

Helen Lawson's debut EP Crossing the Bridge is a pleasant and charming listen, with a fantastic, easygoing sound that sounds somewhat like a cross between Enya and Kat Flint and something of the down-tempo genre, and to me, very English. There is a certain richness to the sound between the vocals and supporting instrumentation of the cello, bass and piano. The four tracks here are all really good - Silver Purse and Something in the Wine being particular favorites of mine.

While I've come across and reviewed a number of female artists over the past year, Lawson really stands out here. Her voice is a bit lower, more tempered and calming. There is a bit of energy to the tracks here, which makes this a really refreshing listen. This is a fairly short listen, which is the primary shortcoming of any good EP, but this one here is particularly hampered here with a 15 minute listen - it's far too short, and is really deserving of a longer release. Hopefully, a regular LP will be coming soon as promised on the publicity sheet that I got, because this is a real gem and someone to keep an eye on.

Something in The Wine - Helen Lawson