March 31, 2009

Nothing Ryhmes With Woman

My favorite band, Carbon Leaf, has just revamped their website and announced to their fans that their next studio album, Nothing Rhymes With Woman, will be released this year! This has had me incredibly excited, as we've known that they've been working for a little while. I've listened to the album a number of times already, and have loved every minute of it - my review will be coming in the next couple of months.

This is the first new album with a bit of a new lineup. In the past year, the band has lost two of it's longtime members, Scott Milstead and Jordan Medas. For this album, Barry, Terry and Carter have been joined by newcomers Jason Neal and Jon Markel. Judging from the work on this album, they've jumped right in, and sound very good.

The expected tracklisting is as follows:

Track listing

  1. "Indecision"
  2. "Another Man's Woman"
  3. "Miss Hollywood" (First Single)
  4. "Cinnamindy"
  5. "Lake of Silver Bells"
  6. "What Have You Learned?"
  7. "Mexico"
  8. "X-Ray"
  9. "Drops of Rain"
  10. "Meltdown"
  11. "Pink"
  12. "Snowfall Music "
  13. "Seed"
(This could very well change)

The album is expected to drop on May 19th, with a short tour. (Listed under the Look link below), and I already look forward to writing up a review. This'll be a great album for this year, for sure.

Here's two tracks from the album from one of their concerts in 2008:

Indecision (Live) - Carbon Leaf