May 21, 2009

Concert Review: Alternate Routes / Carbon Leaf

Last night, I ventured out once again to the Higher Ground music hall in South Burlington, Vermont, where Carbon Leaf came out with another CYA favorite, The Alternate Routes played a fantastic concert.

I've seen the Alternate Routes a couple of times now, and really had a lot of fun seeing them again. Once again, they played a fantastic set of music, mainly songs from their new album, A Sucker's Dream. I've noted this a number of times, but these guys really go all out for their shows, and the energy level was about normal for them here. Their set was a little shorter than other opening acts, and they didn't play their fantastic song Time Is A Runaway (they must be getting tired of it or something), but they did play a number of favorites, such as Toe the Line, On and On We Whisper, and The Future is Nothing New, which went over very well.

Set List:

Toe The Line
Ain't No Secret
All That I See
On and On We Whisper
Standing At Your Door (Cover?)
The Future Is Nothing New
Sucker's Dream

There's not much that I can say about Carbon Leaf that I haven't already talked about at length in my numerous other concert and album reviews for these guys. Once again, they put together a show that absolutely rocked, playing a number of favorites from their prior albums, going pretty far back, which surprised me a little - given that their new album is a day out the door, I expected a setlist dominated by a number of new songs, but there was a rather good mix of new and old songs, plus a couple new covers that I hadn't heard before (and I really hope will be popping up online at some point via or something). Like the Alternate Routes, they held up a high energy level, and even reworked a couple songs a bit, such as On Any Given Day and Love Loss Hope Repeat, almost spoken word at points (I think it was those two), which was interesting to hear. Let Your Troubles Roll By and Sweet Emotion both saw members of the Alternate Routes on stage, which was fun to watch, and they had a great time jamming to the end of the night.

Miss Hollywood
What About Everything?
Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
Love Loss Hope Repeat
One Prarie Outpost
Under the Wire (Acoustic)
Lake of Silver Bells
Carter Solo
> Paloma
Desperation Song
Drops of Rain
Another Man's Woman
Life Less Ordinary
On Any Given Day
Day-O (Trad.)
> The Boxer
Block of Wood (Acoustic)
Let Your Troubles Roll By (With the Alternate Routes)
Sweet Devotion (Aerosmith) (With the Alternate Routes)

Seed (Live) - Carbon Leaf

The Future Is Nothing New (Live) - The Alternate Routes
Ordinary (Live) - The Alternate Routes