July 28, 2009

EP Review: Arrica Rose

Arrica Rose's short EP Pretend I'm Fur is a somewhat uneven affair, but a good listen that is sprinkled through with some stellar tracks. This short, 6 track EP falls well within the singer/songwriter genre, and mixes influences from indie, folk, soul and rock to create a very easygoing listening experience.

Rose currently hails from California, where there seems to be a lot of this sort of music lately, and if you like singers such as A Girl Called Eddy or Priscilla Ahn, she'll be right up your alley.

Pretend I'm Fur carries with it the very typical nature of indie-folk, but it's far more downtrodden than some of the other works out there by similar artists. Each song is pretty depressing, when you get down to it, dealing with various breakups, departures and so on. The saving grace for this album is the high points, namely Tragedy and Be, two songs that really stand out from the rest of the album for their sound, which is both unique and flowing.

This EP will largely appeal to the indie-rock crowd, and not much beyond that, ultimately, which is a shame because there is some good material on here.

Be - Arrica Rose