July 8, 2009

Power! Top Gear Returns

One of my favorite TV shows, Top Gear, has come back on the air, in the UK on Sundays. There's quite a bit of Jeremy Clarkson hate out there, but I love the three presenters and their style of reviewing, their rediculous analogies, and the absurd amount of fun that they seem to have with their jobs.

The thing that the show has really done for me is instill a love for driving. I've posted up a couple of driving mixes on here, which I always get a kick out of putting together, and it's a pastime that I really enjoy, despite the rising prices of gas... er... petrol. Driving is supposed to be fun, more than just going from point A to B.

This season has been fun thus far, and from the opening preview of the season, it looks like they're just going to have a lot more fun with the remaining episodes.