August 4, 2009

New Artist: Wooden Birds

One of my absolute favorite albums that has come across my desk lately is Magnolia, by The Wooden Birds. This debut disc is an excellent listen, one that blends a rich mix of folk, alternative and Indie music.The Wooden Birds is a side project of Andrew Kenny, also of the American Analog Set. They're not a group that I'm familiar with, but I like the way that they approached this album.

The thing that really stands out, for me, is the heavy emphasis on the rhythm and beat for a majority of the songs. At points, it feels a little repetative, but far too facinating for that. This is a sound that I really haven't heard, especially from the bearded-indie-acoustic folks out there, which makes this record stand out a bit more from the rest of the pack. The songs are very deliberate, well paced and laced with a laidback sound that makes the entire album very accessible.

The strongest songs of the album come at the front, with False Alarm, Sugar, Hailey and Hometown Fantasy, all of which have a similar feel and sound to them, while the second half of the album feels a bit slower, more reflective, and just as interesting. Through and through, the album is a very strong one throughout.

False Alarm - The Wooden Birds
Sugar - The Wooden Birds