October 20, 2009

Album Review: Bring Back Love

Glide & Swerve's debut album, Bring Back Love, sounds much like their name. It's sleek, easy listening and feels like it's the perfect thing to zone out to while watching one of those Apple visualizers. The result is a fantastic down-tempo album that is perfect listening for a slow moment. Moreover, the album as a whole sounds 'cool'.
The group has been compared to Zero 7, but I think it sounds far more along the lines of Ivy, with their album In The Clear, which was released back in 2005. Both albums have the same airy feel with a good bass beat. There is a good mix of fast and slow with this album, enough to prevent it from being too redative. Tracks such as Healing Overture, And I Smile, The Last Stand Of Mr Dann, Falling and Pure (Stoneboy), stand out for their variety as much as their ability to fit in well with one another. Starting with Healing Overture and ending with This Is Yours - Finale, there's a gradual build in the tone and feel of each song, and the overall assembly works well together.
I really enjoyed this album - I found it to be a pleasant listen in the evening while puttering around my apartment, winding down for the night.

And I Smile - Glide & Swerve