October 14, 2009

Chasing Pirates

Chasing Pirates, the latest song from Norah Jones, is a bit of a change from her normal sound, and will be coming with her next album, The Fall. Due out in November, this album is touted as holding a new sound for Jones, who's breakout album, Come Away With Me has really yet to be matched by her followup albums, Feels Like Home and Not Too Late. Both were fine albums, but neither came anywhere close to that first, fantastic disc.

Chasing Pirates is anything to go by, Jones is toning down the jazz angle that was so heavily featured on her first three albums, going instead with more of a modern rock and roll sound. This first track has a much heavier beat, with no piano. Jones' vocals are angled differently for this song - the sound is not so much silky jazz, but more laid back rock and pop than anything else. While this will undoubtably alienate some of her fans, I'm sold on the change. I've thought that Jones' needed to really change up something after Come Away With Me, and while this isn't the change that I would have pegged her at, the results sound promising.

Chasing Pirates - Norah Jones
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones