October 7, 2009

Concert Review: Jonathan Coulton

A couple weeks ago, I got to see a favorite singer of mine, Jonathan Coulton. Coulton is one of the leading singers in the small geek-folk/rock field. Like nerdcore music, this isn't any different than the overall genre, but he sings with a number of themes that fall within geek/nerd fandom. His concert, opened by Paul and Storm (who were in and of themselves quite funny), was a fun and highly entertaining evening. I can't say that he's the best stage presence that I've seen - a bit more preperation would have been nice, but his songs superseed that by quite a bit. If you get a chance to check him out, I recommend it.

Here's the set list:

Betty and Me
Skullcusher mountain
Code Monkey
Shop Vac
Big Bad World One
Space Doggity
Little Birdhouse In Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)
Creepy Doll
Drinking With You
Mr. Fancy Pants
I Crush Everything
The Future Soon
Still Alive
Re: Brains
I Feel Fantastic

Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton
Curl - Jonathan Coulton